Ashraf Allam

Ashraf Allam

I started my real estate career in Dubai in 2007. Specialized in villas in gated communities in new Dubai areas.

My passion for real estate goes beyond assisting my clients with their buying, selling, renting and investing needs. I cherish all the long-lasting relationships I built with my clients, their families and friends and I’m very honored to be their source for an exceptional and memorable experience.

Since 2016 after a very successful career as an agent and sales manager; I started training career to train new and even experienced agents and I trained hundreds of agents to sell faster and become more productive. 






  • Train real estate agents in Ajman department of land for the general course, sales & leasing activities course & property management course.
  • Participated in establishing objectives and developing processes and procedures to ensure efficient and timely workflow
  • Develop sales training programs and plans, including company sales training manual and materials
  • Work with marketing team and product management to incorporate marketing strategy into training curriculum
  • Review performance and evaluates results achieved by subordinates
  • Take an active role in coaching and mentoring sales leaders and reps to raise their level of performance
  • Develop and implement curricula relevant to the training of new field personnel
  • Develop and implement sales curricula and education materials for field training to support new product launches



  • Assist with coaching and development of individual sellers by providing post-training field support, in conjunction with the regional sales managers
  • Work under the general direction of the Education Unit manager, and Education Division manager
  • Discover individual performance gaps but also team performance gaps and develop creative solutions to close them
  • Assist in call monitoring for the business giving constructive feedback in line with the company standards, work to develop and continually refine standards
  • Work under the guidance of the Education Unit manager, and Education Division manager with frequent consultations on objectives and goals
  • Works closely with Sales Training Manager to plan, create and deliver all necessary training to Sales Team
  • Monitors linkage between curriculum and improved learner job performance; coaches participants on the job, ensuring learning translates to performance


  • Certificate of Appreciation from Ajman department of land – 2019
  • Train the Trainer/Facilitator Course – Aspire Leadership – London UK – 2018
  • Presentation Skills Course – Aspire Leadership – London UK – 2015
  • Dubai Land Department RERA Course – 2011
  • Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.) – Marketing, World Trade –A.M.B.A.I – USA – 2003


Training Outlines 

1. Nurturing Leads and Prospects Real Estate is a numbers game and agents live or die based on how well they follow up on leads and prospects. Also, buying and selling real estate can be a long process. Every prospect is at a different point in their property search. Training real estate agents and brokers to think ahead, nurture leads and keep prospects engaged during the process can add more money to the pipeline. 

2. Perseverance Unlike many occupations, real estate agents often operate independently, even if they are part of a team. With no one looking over their shoulders, individual perseverance is essential and goes hand in hand with nurturing leads over the long haul. Perseverance is hard to teach, yet it is a crucial training component. Teach agents and brokers to keep doing the necessary work so they can reap the rewards later.

3. Basic Communication Skills Not everyone can write a clear property description or communicate clearly either on the phone or in person. Communication is a skill that requires practice, especially when there is a specific message that needs to be stated. To train an agent to communicate and encourage them to practice their message, you equip them with the most basic skills to interact with leads and clients. 

4. Technology These days, technology has made it easier and easier for real estate agents to show their properties to buyers. However, not everyone is tech savvy. Technology is complicated and can be intimidating. For some agents, this could be as basic as teaching them to use a mobile app. Regardless of the topic or tool, training real estate agents is essential to helping them master the technology instead of being intimidated

5. Marketing

One of the major keys to real estate success is marketing. Even though technology has made marketing more complex, the principles of marketing haven’t changed. Training agents to market themselves and their listings gets them in front of more people and creates more leads.

6. Scheduling and Time Management

New real estate agents with few leads and prospects may not need schedules and time management. But as their business grows and they become busier, they will need to watch their schedules more closely. Training agents on time management and scheduling gives them a framework to grow into.

7. Ongoing Training

Getting licensed is an intensive process during which a person studies and prepares, sometimes for months. Passing the exam and becoming fully licensed is an accomplishment and a relief. But being a licensed agent doesn’t mean they are a real estate expert. Ongoing training is crucial to an agent’s success. Along with continuing education, periodically revisiting all the tips listed above helps agents to stay on track with their professional development.Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.