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Our qualified team of proficient educators and instructors are dedicated to provide you with an exceptional learning experience and empower you every step of the way to accomplish your ambition and rise as a leader yourself within the career your aiming for.


Our courses are meticulously designed to provide and serves you with beginners, moderate and advanced training, no matter where you stand with your career, we are here to back you up. With our comprehensive list of courses, distinctive education formats, flexible schedules, and goal-driven training programs, Masaar Academy is, without any doubt, your perfect choice to exceed forming and introduce your self as professional in your career.


What makes Masaar Academy the right place for you?


Real estate industry is all about finding the right location, and Masaar’s educational and training academy is THE perfect setting where we can instill leadership skills into our students’ minds.


Our flexibility is one of our great assets. We provide flexible timetables suitable for all our aspiring students.


Masaar Academy selects instructors who are professionals in the industry, experts in their fields, and have extensive proficiency in the Corporate market to be your friendly and trusted mentors throughout your empowering journey.


Our courses are embedded in knowledge and professionalism, creating a stimulating and supportive environment where learning and evolving grant a rewarding experience for all our participants.

Our Trainers

Our instructors are professional monitors and veteran experts across various fields within different industries, having extensive expertise in market to share and transform to those eager to exceed.

Our Training

Our instructors are professional monitors and veteran experts across various fields within different industries, having extensive expertise in market to share and transform to those eager to exceed.

Our Timings

What makes Masaar great is our flexibility. Everyone is provided with the possibility to pick the schedule that best suits them.

Our Location

We provide a great location for the training, adequate for all kinds of groups. A place where everyone feels comfortable and ready to learn. 






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Other Courses

Property Management

Team Building

Real Estate Agent Training provides an excellent foundation in the skills and knowledge required for a career in this industries and allows you to receive valuable work experience with local employers.

The Real Estate Agent course will help you to develop your business, communication and negotiation skills, after which you will start improving your knowledge of the several types of estate agents, what real estate agents do and the pros and cons of hiring real estate agents.

As well as teaching you valuable skills, this Real Estate Agent course will help you develop methods to serve your clients better. Finally, you will learn more about property valuation, negotiation and management, how to handle viewings and the regulations surrounding the real estate industry.

Learning Outcomes of the Real Estate Agent course:

  1. Explore the various types of the real estate agent and their prime responsibilities.
  2. Know the players of the property market and the risks involved in real estate.
  3. Understand the key stages of property development.
  4. Gain a firm understanding of the art and challenges of real estate investments.
  5. Learn about the different types of investment structure and the UAE legal system.
  6. Discover the techniques and tricks to locate and negotiate with sellers.
  7. Learn the industry secrets of financial deals and develop expert analytical skills.

Real Estate Agent Training

Course Modules

Module 1: What is Real Estate Agent

Module 2: Requirements for the Job
Module 3: History of the Real Estate Agent
Module 4: The Real Estate Industry
Module 5: Different Types of Real Estate Agents
Module 6: Online Real Estate Agents
Module 7: Real Estate agent Fees and Contracts
Module 8: Pros and Cons of Hiring an Estate Agent
Module 9: Getting to Know Your Clients
Module 10: A Day in the Life of a Real Estate Agent
Module 11: Selling Property with a Real Estate Agent
Module 12: Property Marketing

Module 13: The Regulations for Real Estate Agents
Module 14: Valuation

Module 15: Performing Viewings
Module 16: Negotiating
Module 17: Buying with a Real Estate Agent
Module 18: Sales Progression
Module 19: Technology
Module 20: Investment Property

Module 21: About Letting Agents
Module 22: Property Management
Module 23: Laws and Regulations
Module 24: How to Set Up a Real Estate Agency

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