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Real Estate Training

Property Marketing:

  • Increase credibility by providing beneficial information about your market for free.
  • Maintain positive relationships with existing clients as well as prospects.
  • Share success stories from the region.
  • Increase knowledge about the available online platforms.
  • Find new ways to market your company / properties

Sales and Leasing brokerage

  • Introducing the real estate field and its history on the national and international scale.
  • Underscoring the impact of real estate specialized studies on the market’s performance as well as on the income profits of the agent and the company.
  • Detailing processes of property acquisition from the proprietors for sale or lease and methods used to convince them to work with the agent, adding up to his portfolio which, eventually, will result in the increase of his sale/lent transactions.
  • Portraying the real estate field, its significance, different approaches, and techniques used to write attractive advertising campaign published on specialized real estate sites and social media platforms.
  • Highlighting the agent’s self-marketing skills and methods utilized to create a professional image in the minds of his clients.

General Course / Mandatory Course for Ajman Land Department licenses course

  • Emphasising the importance of the agent’s education in this field, his reputation and his company’s status.
  • Highlighting the history of Ajman and the Department of Land and Real Estate Regulation.
  • Underlining the real estate market’s specific regulations, measures to abide by the guidelines and charges imposed in case of violation.
  • Motivating agents to abide by professional ethics and practices, respect colleagues and agents and all parties involved in the sale/purchase and rent transactions.
  • Pointing out the role of the agent as an advisor ready to provide consultancy and create solutions to his clients’ problems, not just a broker waiting for his commission and rejecting any responsibility in the transaction.